A/C Installation

 The most critical step in an air conditioning installation

The most important day in the life of any air conditioner is the day it is installed, more important than the brand, how many features it has, or any other factor. Why? Shouldn’t a well-made Condenser Coil and Air Handler work well no matter what? The long and short answer to that is, no.

All air conditioners are made in a factory somewhere and although there are differences in quality and materials the manufacturers use the main determinate of whether your AC is going to last 5 years or 25 years is if it is properly installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.

What makes an air conditioner last longer?

The factors that can determine system longevity and performance include proper sizing, the design and layout of the ductwork and connecting boxes and elbows, as well as the proper evacuation of the refrigerant lines and exact charging of today’s finicky refrigerant.

At A1 Heating and Air we make sure all these things are done properly as well as taking great pains to properly seal up the system before you use it. Our installing technicians are highly trained and at A1 Heating and air we are proud that we have factory trained and NATE certified installers so that you can know you are getting the best installation anywhere.

Planning the installation of a new air conditioning system

One of the things our installer will do that some of the larger companies don’t is a pre site of your home. This insures that there will be no or little unexpected things that could come up during the installation to slow the process down. Taking proper measurements before the installation is key to making sure we do the work properly and at the right specifications for your home.

What we are talking about here is not just some quick slapping in of equipment but precise fine tuning and custom workmanship for your home.

Air conditioning installations are expensive, can I finance it?

We also have many options for financing from as low as 4.9% up to 12 years or even 12 months same as cash. Just ask your technician and he can get you in contact with our office for the details. One of the really appealing options for some folks is the way we can put your payments thru as a property tax assessment and not have to worry about poor credit which opens up some very exciting options for many homeowners.

We help with the paperwork

And what about all that paperwork with rebates, HERS testing, Title 24 requirements and Permits? We take care of that too! Although the final inspection will require a little bit of your time after we are finished with the work, the rest will be handled by A1 Heating and Air so you don’t have to worry about all the hassle and red tape.

How long does an installation take?

In most cases where we are changing out similar equipment with few other changes it generally can be done in one day. Some installations, especially those dealing with ductwork changes or replacement it could add a day or two but we will work as quick as possible to get you cool without sacrificing quality.

Is your air conditioning system zoned?

If so we are also experts on zoning. What is that? Zoning allows us to service your home more efficiently, bringing the right amount of air to different parts of your house. This improves the comfort because with different thermostats located throughout your home we can more precisely cool even those hard to get to areas or areas on a different level.

No matter what your air conditioning needs are A1 Heating and Air can help

We will never send a high pressure salesman to your home. Of course we think once you meet our friendly people and find out how reasonable our pricing and financing options are you will make the choice to do business with the best! Us of course. If you need time to think that is ok with us, we understand it’s a major purchase.

So, in the market for a new unit? We can install any brand in your home with the exact design to properly meet your home’s needs.