Drain Clearing

Are you experiencing issues with a clogged or slow drain? A1 Heating, Air and Plumbing takes pride in providing drain cleaning services that are affordable, quick and effectively fix the problem. Our team of trained technicians is certified in drain cleaning, and they arrive promptly to each appointment with a fully equipped truck. In other words, your drain issue will be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner! You can also rely on our team to wear shoe covers to ensure that your home stays clean.

How to Quickly Determine if You Have a Clogged Drain

Draino and other DIY methods can fix minor problems, but some drains clogs require a professional approach. There are several indicators that drain clearing is necessary, including perpetual issues with a slow drain in your shower, bathtub, bathroom sink or kitchen sink. Alternatively, you might be experiencing a putrid drain odor or toilets that overflow on a regular basis. Either way, drain clearing is the best way to fix the problem. Our team will inspect your drains with a camera to make sure that the entire clog is removed.

We utilize four methods to fix sewer and drain issues. A professional technician will select the technique that is best for your home or business based on the results of a camera inspection.

  1. Snake or Electric Cable

    An electric cable, which is more commonly referred to as a snake, makes it possible to remove or clear whatever blockage has caused your drain to slow down. After this process has been completed, we will follow-up with a video inspection to figure out what is causing your sewer or drain to get clogged up. Once you have this knowledge, it will be easier to avoid future issues.

  2. Water Jet

    In some cases, a higher level of pressure is needed to knock loose the root cause of a clog. Our water jet technology is similar to a power washer, and it can remove build-up that has accumulated from many years of not having your sewer line cleaned. We typically incorporate the water jet if our camera inspection reveals a lot of roots, grease or sludge in your sewer line.

  3. Repairs for Slow Drain Issues

    In some cases, it is not possible to merely clear a drain or sewer line. In this situation, we will determine the actual problem and then repair or replace the affected line or pipe. It is common for older homes to need a section of piping repaired or replaced. If the problem is in your sewer line due to overgrown tree roots, we will perform a partial main line repair. Either way, our experienced team can diagnose and repair the issue so that your slow drains begin draining properly again.

  4. Trenchless or Traditional Pipe Replacements

    We utilize the water jet and electric cable to remove stubborn clogs, but it is possible that neither of these methods or a small repair will be enough. If the camera inspection of your lines reveals a larger scale problem, we can perform a pipe replacement. Our professional team of technicians will remove your old pipe and replace it with PEX or traditional piping. PEX pipes have many advantages over traditional pipes, and one of our technicians will discuss all of your options with you. We believe in educating our clients so that they are able to make a well-informed decision and stay within their budget.

    No matter what your drain or sewer line problem is, A1 can help! Contact us today at 916-400-4266 to learn more about our drain clearing services in the Sacramento area.