What do common Heater & Furnace Repairs cost?

So after the diagnosis, you can expect the repair for a bad igniter to be between $175 and $225. This is lower than most large companies charge in the Sacramento area. And if you would like to just buy the part from us you can save about $65. Hot surface igniters are very fragile and can be easily broken, even by an experienced technician, so we do recommend you let us do the repair.

Also, if you do decide to repair it yourself be careful not to touch the surface of the igniter because the oil from your fingers can reduce the life of this component…again, just let the professionals do it.

The next thing that can happen is a dirty flame sensor. While these commonly are not replaced, they can be and we will charge around $125 to $175 in most cases to replace. Normally, we clean them for $35 to $45.

The other things that can cause your furnace not to ignite could be an issue with a sensor like a tripped high limit switch or blocked flue or something to do with excessive heat in the heat exchanger area or flame sensor that has detected a rollout.

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