Five Signs That Your Ductwork Is Leaking Air

There are five signs that can indicate ductwork is leaking air, causing problems in your home:

  1. Poor comfort — Does your air feel cold and drafty in the winter? Are certain rooms difficult to heat? Leaking ducts could be spilling your costly warm air into your attic. The true culprit may be disconnected duct connections. In extreme cases, this is easy to diagnose, when on those cold mornings, all of your neighbors have frost on their roofs, except yours. This means you have a leaking duct into and heating up your attic
  2. Low air quality — Compromised connections can pull in outdoor air as well.
  3. Hazardous backdrafting — Backdrafting is a problem that greatly reduces indoor air quality as well. Vented appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers and gas furnaces are designed to vent fumes to the outside. As those fumes are sent outdoors, instead of totally dispersing away from the home, your leaky ducts could be pulling some of the fumes back into your home. When ductwork is leaking air, it can be downright dangerous as well as costly.
  4. High energy bills — Look at your utility bills. Do you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from your heating and system? Even though fuel and electrical costs may be high, when ductwork is leaking air, it only adds to an ever-increasing energy bill. Between high energy costs and your ducts spilling precious air that you’ve paid for into the great outdoors, your wallet is likely feeling the squeeze.
  5. A dusty home — The fact is, every home is going to have dust. However, collapsed, broken and leaky ductwork can pick up fine particles and distribute them into your home. Dust happens. But if your home seems excessively dusty, the problem may be in your leaking ductwork.

Your ducts should work for you — not against you. For a complete examination and sealing of your ducts, or for questions that may have you suspicious about your ducting please contact us.

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