Heater Installation & Furnace Replacement

At A1 Heating and air we realize that the most important day in the life of a furnace is the day it is installed. This is because, unlike a car or other big ticket item which is assembled in a factory and shipped to a location near you, a furnace is not complete until it has been installed in your home.

Heater Installation Considerations in California

There is no furnace specifically made for the mild California climate. They are all made to be able to withstand harsh winters and so produce way too much heat for our applications locally.

That is why we prefer a two stage furnace which will more closely match your home’s heating needs. Or better yet a modulating gas furnace which will almost perfectly adapt itself to your home and the way you use it, saving you money in gas usage and also providing incredible comfort on the cool days or the bitter cold that can sometimes visit us here in the Valley or Foothills.

Making the Right Furnace Adjustments

Additionally, if a company performs a heater installation without taking the time to adjust the gas pressure coming in to the gas valve it will burn inefficiently and improperly for your home. We also have to adjust the amount of air so that it will more closely match the needs of your duct system.

These are two crucial items that many companies don’t properly adjust and that can be a problem because all the manufacturers test their equipment with less than 2 feet of ductwork in a lab to make sure it is working properly, but unless you have a VERY small house, that just won’t work!


How Big is Too Big?

We have found that most heating and air companies in the HVAC installation business grossly oversize their equipment. This produces way too much heat and results in uncomfortable hot and cold spots in your home, burns unnecessary amounts of precious natural gas or propane, and causes overheating in the furnace compartment which negatively impacts how long the parts will last.

We take great effort to select the exact equipment for your home taking into account your home’s insulation, orientation, and duct design.

Don’t Skip Things Like Plenums

At A1 Heating and Air if you purchase a new or redesigned duct work system from us you can relax because we use items that other companies skip sometimes, like plenums.

We will never hook a duct directly into the side of your furnace or straight into the furnace without a proper air mixing box.

Additionally, we don’t use fiberboard or duct board plenums, wye connectors, or inefficient triangle connector boxes. You will get metal elbows, plenums and wyes which are properly sealed and designed to allow the air to flow efficiently and easily to every room in your home.

And if you have a system with zoning, which is basically a way to control airflow to different parts of your home, we have that covered too! We pride ourselves in designing a system that will last.

Thinking that all these things make us more expensive than the other big contractors? Think again!

Low Overhead and Local

We are locally owned, not a franchise or managed by someone in another location, but we know and love the Northern California area and are based right here in Rancho Cordova, serving all of the Sacramento areas. With no other mouths to feed we have lower overhead and keep the money right here, locally, where it belongs.

What’s a New Heater Installation Cost?

Are we the cheapest? No, but in the long run our installation will last longer, saving you money in the long run. Cost of an average installation of a furnace with a permit (but without ductwork modifications) is anywhere between $2500 and $3995 depending on the size of the unit needed and the features and efficiency you desire.

Financing Your Furnace is a Great Option

We also have financing so you can have payments that are lower than $100 per month for a new, efficient furnace. And, don’t forget that any money saved by using less gas and electricity will lower the cost, in some instances substantially reducing your heating bill.

Certified Furnace Installers

Our installer is also Nate certified, with one of the highest scores in the nation on his testing and training. And with over 15 years experience there’s not much he hasn’t seen and can handle. And that’s important because we know that each and every installation is a custom installation for your house.

Want a Professional Furnace Replacement Assessment?

It’s NOT Free and That’s a GOOD Thing!

Would you like to have a professional assessment of your home? We will be happy to come out and give you a written estimate. We are not like other companies, though, who give estimates for free because we believe you get what you pay for and that once you see how professional and thorough we are you will be more than happy to do business with us.

Also, many companies send out a commissioned sales person, which is fine, but a salesman only makes money when you buy and if you don’t purchase on the spot it could cause for an uncomfortable situation for you and the salesperson. So we proudly charge $29 for an estimate, which can be applied to the cost of your new installation. We hope you buy from us that day , but if not it’s ok, we are happy to provide excellent service and a professional experience.

Need to replace your furnace, or looking for options to improve the heating comfort in your home? Give us a call and we will be happy to help.