What’s a heat pump and can my heat pump be repaired?

A heat pump is different from a furnace in that it uses a compressor to heat and cool your home instead of using combustion like a gas furnace. It can also use heat strips on the very cold days to assist in the heating of your home.
The most common heat pump repairs would be the replacement of capacitors which can vary from $149 to $275 installed. We give discounts if there is more than one capacitor that needs to be replaced. Capacitors provide a very important service for your heat pump system. They help motors on startup, keep them in phase while running, and also discharge during operation.
If a heat pump goes bad it can eventually damage your motors and will also result in the use of more electricity, which can cost you money. They usually go out or begin to get weak after the first five years or so of your system. Excessive heat will also make them go bad prematurely. We have the tools to test these components and stock a wide variety of them on our vehicles.
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