Zoning a House for Air Conditioning

Something very common in the Sacramento area is zoning in two story homes. Today  I visited a home which was suffering from a zoning system that doesn’t work anymore. 

The home I visited had a two ton furnace up in the attic which was attached to a two-zone damper system. The home was approximately 1700 square feet, built in the 1990s. This home would typically have had a 3 to 3.5 ton air conditioning system. With zoning, we can heat and cool a home in zones, allowing us to condition the living spaces when they have a heating load that calls for the ac to turn on. Works great, two thermostats call for cooling alternately, with the upper floor normally running more often than the lower floor in the summer. 
Well, this home’s damper system was not opening and closing properly, which means it was running much more than necessary, raising the customer’s utility bills and decreasing comfort in the home. 
What is the solution? In this case, replacing the defective motors with new ones, as well as replacing the control zone board. In this house, it would also be advisable to replace the existing fiberboard plenum with a sturdy metal one. 
Do you have a home with two thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs that doesn’t seem to heat or cool properly? If so, contact a company that has expertise in working with this type of system. The relatively small cost of getting a zone system back to operating properly will yield great results in comfort.
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Take Care,
The Hvac Tech