Don’t Skip Things Like Plenums

At A1 Heating and Air if you purchase a new or redesigned duct work system from us you can relax because we use items that other companies skip sometimes, like plenums.

We will never hook a duct directly into the side of your furnace or straight into the furnace without a proper air mixing box.

Additionally, we don’t use fiberboard or duct board plenums, wye connectors, or inefficient triangle connector boxes. You will get metal elbows, plenums and wyes which are properly sealed and designed to allow the air to flow efficiently and easily to every room in your home.

And if you have a system with zoning, which is basically a way to control airflow to different parts of your home, we have that covered too! We pride ourselves in designing a system that will last.

Thinking that all these things make us more expensive than the other big contractors? Think again!