A/C Repairs

RothInstallWhat are some common a/c repairs? Well we’ll start with the most common:

Spent capacitors

A capacitor is like a little assistant to your motors. Whether it’s the blower motor or the condenser fan motor or the compressor, they all have one of these little devices, and when a capacitor goes bad it’s only a matter of time before it takes a motor with it.

Age and heat affect these parts negatively and so it is one of the first things we check when a system is down and the hotter it is outside the more likely it is that one of these will go out.

What is the cost to replace an air conditioner capacitor?

Well most of the time it is between $149 and $225 depending on the size and type of capacitor and most of the time we have one right on our vehicles so we can get you up and running again fast.

The next issue we run into is actually the a/c filter

A clogged or dirty filter will cause an air conditioner to suck up air and dust right around the filter because as it gets dirty the air will follow the path of least resistance and go right around the filter bringing dust and dirt right into the motor causing it to get dirty, and even worse right into and onto the AC coil which can cause your system to freeze up with a possible expensive repair.

Why not just replace those filters often and avoid one of the most common problems you can have. Be sure and ask your technician about all the exciting ways to clean and purify the air in your home to help create a healthy breathing space.

Failed air conditioner motors

Either the blower motor, usually located inside your home or condenser fan motor which is outside. When these fail we can either replace the motor on the spot with a universal one, or get an original one within hours or just a day. These repairs can be upwards of $300 depending on the size, and especially the manufacturer. But rest assured, we will get you up and running again soon because who wants to sweat the summer away?

Leaking air conditioner refrigerant is the next thing we run into

If your unit is undercharged it can behave in several ways: blowing warm air, blowing cold air but then icing up, completely shutting down. All of our technicians are EPA rated so they can determine how best to correct the problem. Also, our techs have the right tool to help find exactly where the leak is so that when they charge it, it doesn’t just leak out again, wasting your hard earned money.

The cost of this type repair can vary widely depending on how much refrigerant was lost, the type of refrigerant and if other parts have been affected as well such as the thermal expansion valve, or filter dryer or even the compressor itself. But whatever the problem we can fix it.

Occasionally we even run into an air conditioner that is overcharged.

This can happen by a careless or untrained technician who incorrectly diagnoses a unit as low on refrigerant when it is actually a dirty coil or filter, which can make the system act in a similar way. It can also happen on a new unit which was installed in the winter and not tested under a heat load. Whatever the cause we know how to properly trace down the problem and fix it.

Disconnected or damaged duct work can definitely cause your air conditioner problems

Your system may be working hard but sending all that cold air into your attic, walls, or crawl space instead of into your home where you need it. We can determine the source of leaks and repair them for you. If leaks aren’t repaired they leave holes and gaps where conditioned air can escape, wasting money and energy.

Additionally, when the system quits blowing air the dusty air around your ducts will naturally infiltrate into the entire duct system creating a dusty environment for your air handler’s motors, indoor ac coil and causing excess dust inside your house. Another thing that happens when there are leaky ducts is that when your blower is working it creates too much negative air pressure inside your home.

This can cause many things such as causing gas appliances to draft the wrong way, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Also we know that negative air pressure in buildings will bring in unwanted flying critters. The cost of a duct repair or replacement will vary greatly depending on the age of the ductwork, the condition, how many duct runs there are and where they are located.

Dirty air conditioner coils

One of the biggest “mystery” Air Conditioning Problems is a dirty indoor evaporator coil. Of all the wrong diagnoses we see by other company’s technicians is not properly diagnosing this situation by either a visual inspection or by not checking the superheat of the unit which will indicate a reduction in air flow somewhere in the system, most commonly the filter or coil.

Once the coil is dirty enough to restrict air flow, you can experience times where the unit cools, blows warm air, cools, blows warm air, etc. This is common and many times indicates that the coil may be icing up into a solid block of ice then melting while the unit is off only to start icing up again until it melts. A clogged coil can be expensive but not impossible to clean.

We do what we can to keep the costs down by using only technicians who can properly evacuate the refrigerant and remove the coil, clean it, and replace, making your air conditioner an efficient cooling system once again.

There are other things that can affect your air conditioner and you can rest assured that A1 Heating and Air will diagnose properly and make the best recommendations every time.

We work on ALL models:

  • Trane
  • Lennox
  • Carrier
  • Amana
  • Goodman
  • Ruud
  • Rheem
  • Day and Night
  • American Standard
  • Any other brand of residential system

When A1 Heating and Air comes to your home to repair your air conditioner, we have only one thing in mind, finding the problem quickly, repairing it and getting you and your loved ones comfortable again.

After all, life is too short to sweat out a hot summer in your home. Enjoy the summer with an air conditioner that cools you down exactly the way you want it.

Our technicians are trained to identify the exact problem in your system so that they can fix it right the first time. Now, nobody’s perfect, but we don’t leave your ac repair to chance. Each technician is required not only to identify the problem but also to trace down and find what caused the problem in the first place and repair or clean that as well.

This saves you time, money, and aggravation because who wants a technician who only guesses what is wrong, crosses his fingers and hopes it works? At A1 Heating and Air we don’t take chances with your air conditioning equipment, we fix it right the first time!

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